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An Interview With Dr. Susan Young, Creator of ACE/ACE+

Braingaze, a spin-off of the University of Barcelona, has spent the last six years developing BGaze, a digital platform that aims to improve the diagnostic process and the treatment of ADHD in children and adults. In the diagnostic field, BGaze ACE includes ACE (ADHD...

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BGaze Therapy: A New Video Game Treatment for ADHD

Recently, we're observing how digital technology can be used as a valid therapy to reduce the symptoms of some mental disorders without appealing to traditional, pharmacological treatments. Actually, studies have already proven the effectiveness of some digital...

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Step-by-step Guide to Install BGaze ACE

The registration and installation process of BGaze ACE's is pretty simple. However, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that may be useful in case you encounter any issues. Down below you will find a detailed explanation of both phases –sign up and installation....

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The Role Of New Technologies in Mental Health Diagnostics

The world is changing rapidly, driven by the application of new information technologies in virtually all areas of our lives. The field of mental health has not been one of the pioneers in this digital transformation, but research has advanced a lot in recent years,...

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Meet us at various events in Spain

El Dr. Hans Supèr es miembro de la mesa redonda en el III Congreso Nacional, Diferencias Individuales y Necesidades Educativas Especificas, organizado por TDAH Vallès el 21 de octubre en Sabadell

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