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Since the launch of BGaze child ADHD test at the EPA 2016 conference in Madrid we have installed the BGaze system in pioneer clinics in Spain, The Netherlands, UK, Germany and even the USA. In most of these sites, highly regarded psychiatrists use the BGaze test to enable a more objective and convincing diagnosis of ADHD in children and (very recently also) in adults.

BGaze is used both in public and private clinics to improve the diagnosis of ADHD in European countries as the BGaze ADHD test complies with the CE Mark Medical Device regulations across the EU. Overall more than 1000 diagnoses have been performed. Medical professionals are especially satisfied with BGaze being contributing to discriminate between ‘clear’ ADHD cases and those patients mainly suffering from other cognitive disorders such as anxiety, bipolar or dyslexia in a clinical population where high levels of ADHD prevalence occur.

Outside the EU, in countries where BGaze is not yet homologated for clinical use, psychiatrists can use BGaze for their scientific research into ADHD or other cognitive attention interests. Braingaze offers scientists specific services to facilitate their cognitive or clinical research, ranging from visual task development to data analysis. In some cases such research in turn leads to validated novel diagnostics or even treatment solutions, which can then be in-licensed by Braingaze to enable their introduction into the regular healthcare system.