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In addition, we completed a first multi-site confirmation of the clinical usefulness of our BGaze ADHD test in adults, using clinical data on hundreds of subjects from various prestigious clinics across the world. You can read more here and download relevant posters presented at the Sixth World Congress on ADHD and 25th European Congress of Psychiatry.

We have adopted our BGaze test and validated it for supporting ADHD diagnosis in adults. We made the task slightly more difficult with more possible target locations and shorter presentation times. As in children, the adult BGaze test is a supportive tool for ADHD diagnosis. In the two main conditions of the task, BGaze cognitive vergence biomarker was present in control subjects but not in ADHD patients (see figure 3) .


Figure 3. Cognitive Vergence response of adults in the BGaze task.

Based on the biomarker assessment, BGaze can predict ADHD in adult patient with 90% accuracy. We have included the adult CPT version in our BGaze system, and it is now available.